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Energy Assessments

Having a home energy assessment done on your house can be a great way to save money and reduce your environmental footprint. An energy assessment will provide you with information on how to make your home more energy efficient, reducing your energy bills and helping you access incentive programs offered by the government. 

Energy Assessments

Residential energy assessments provide insight into how you home uses energy, and are often the first step in implementing upgrades to reduce your energy costs and footprint. 

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Qualify for incentive programs

There are more opportunities to save on home energy upgrades  now than ever before.  Both federal and territorial rebate programs can be used to support the costs of implementing upgrades to your house that save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.  The first step in many of these programs involves getting an energy assessment from an Energy Advisor registered with Natural Resources Canada. Possible incentives include those available from:

What is Involved?

Unlock the hidden energy efficiency of your home with an energy assessment before you start your upgrades! In just 1-2 hours, an energy advisor will measure, photograph, and document the energy performance of your house, then create a custom report with energy-saving upgrades.  This report will include:

Home energy label to be placed in your utility room 

Home information sheet describing the details of your home

Renovation upgrade report identifying opportunities to save energy

Existing Housing ERS GJ label
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